The Saga of SADEQUAIN, Volume II – Galerie

The saga of sadequain volume II - GalerieThe Saga of SADEQUAIN, a two-volumes-in-a-hard-case book is the result of five years of exhaustive research to locate Sadequain’s scattered work around the world. The two volumes of the book, over 800 pages, over 500 pieces of artwork – many done while Sadequain was residing overseas – coffee table magnum opus is the crown jewel among the more than one dozen books published, or to be published in future, by the Foundation.

The Saga of SADEQUAIN, Volume II – Galerie is a celebration of the most intriguing and innovative work of a national icon, who crossed the traditional and predefined boundaries of artistic forms, norms, subjects, objects, shades, dimensions, and every other confinement that he deemed as an obstruction. In the process, he produced with abundance some of the most magnificent collections of artwork by any measure, rich in content, diverse in nature, grand in scale, and large in numbers.

This book is also a cry for help. The Saga of Sadequain is an SOS signal; it is a distress call, a Mayday if you will. You see, Sadequain unwittingly gave away, or in many instances, simply lost a vast majority of his work. He presumed, in most cases, that if he gave away his work, it would somehow preserve his legacy. Now we know his assumption bordered on misplaced trust. As a result, no catalog exists that preserves even a fraction of his work.

It is hoped that this book provides a collection of Sadequain’s work that has mostly remained unknown to the world so far, and allows the reader to glance at a sample of the most extraordinary pieces of artwork produced by Sadequain in a burst of creative ecstasy over his lifetime.