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The length, breadth, and depth of Sadequain’s canvas warrant that you climb a 50,000 feet high mountain to scan his prodigious palette. Anything less will not be sufficient and you will miss out on the finer details and the far reaching edges of his genius.

The following three essay offer a bird’s eye view of Sadequain’s odyssey from being a teenage immigrant in a new homeland searching for his identity to the meteoric rise to a legendary icon viewed from a 50,000 feet high mountain.

1. SADEQUAIN – Muralist, Painter, Calligrapher, Poet, and Thinker

2. We are Indebted to Sadequain

3. Aman ki Asha (Passion for Peace)

4. Acts of Askesis, Scenes of Poesis by Dr. Nauman Naqvi (Please click to see the article)

5. Sadequain and Calligraphic Modernism by Dr. Iftikhar Dadi (Please click to see the article)

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