In its June 20, 1980 edition, the daily newspaper Khaleej Times of UAE stated, “Renaissance of Islamic Calligraphy – A mystic artist from Pakistan who has become a legend in his own time. The remarkable story of Sadequain, who did not seek but was endowed with divine inspiration.” Sadequain is arguably responsible for the renaissance of Islamic calligraphy in Pakistan. A review of the history of calligraphic art in the country during the decades of the 1950s and ’60s reveals, that there was minimal activity in this genre of art form. Syed Amjad Ali wrote in his book, Painters of Pakistan, that after Sadequain’s first exhibition of calligraphies in December 1968, “For next fifteen years or sixteen years, a veritable Niagara of painterly Calligraphy flowed from his pen and brush.” He further stated that, “He initiated painterly calligraphy and set the vogue for it in Pakistan.”

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