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The SADEQUAIN Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to discover, preserve and promote the art of Sadequain. In pursuance of its goals, the Foundation has executed exhaustive research to locate hundreds of pieces of Sadequain’s artwork in places as far flung as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Middle East, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, USA, Canada, and more. The Foundation is poised to publish a 12 volume catalog of Sadequain’s work, comprising of over 1,000 pages of text and over 2,000 selective images, it holds regular exhibitions of Sadequain’s works, and conducts seminars at museums and universities to raise awareness about Sadequain’s prodigious palette. The Foundation supports research on Sadequain’s life and work, and provides authentication of artwork with history, analyses, and provenance.

The SADEQUAIN Foundation USA has published ten books in the USA on Sadequain’s life and work, and three books in Pakistan.

  1. Rubaiyyat-e-Sadequain Naqqash
  2. The legend of SADEQUAIN – Renaissance of Calligraphic Art
  3. SADEQUAIN – Strokes of Picasso and Scale of Michelangelo (Analysis of a Painting)
  4. Mystic Expressions by SADEQUAIN – An Odyssey to Exaltation with Ghalib, Iqbal, Faiz, and Sadequain
  5. Realism to Calligraphic Cubism – The Legacy of SADEQUAIN from Paris to Pakistan
  6. Ghalib and Sadequain (in Hindi)
  7. Lost Trails of Sadequain’s Art
  8. The Saga of SADEQUAIN Volume I
  9. The Saga of SADEQUAIN Volume II
  10. Albert Camus and SADEQUAIN


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